Green gift box that says "Aerie" next to painted portraits of Hong Kong Olympic woman athletes
Kitty Wong was commissioning by Aerie Hong Kong and On Air Collective, to create customized portraits of each women athletes. To be included in their influencer seeding gift sets to thank and celebrate the athletes after the 2020 Hong Kong Olympics.
Hong Kong Olympic fencer Moonie Chu and swimmer Jamie Yung holding portraits painted by fashion illustrator
Portraits of the Hong Kong Olympians include: Siobhan Haughey for freestyle swimming, Moonie Chu in fencing, Jamie Yeung in swimming, Grace Lau in karate, Lee Wai Sze in cycling and the women's table tennis team.
The portraits were printed, framed and included in the Aerie gift sets and sent to each athlete.
The giftset included items from Aerie's newest collection and a custom illustrated portrait by Kitty N. Wong.
Top photos courtesy of On Air Collective.
Illustration of female Hong Kong athletes Siobhan Haughey, Sarah Lee, Grace Lau holding metal with blue sky background and green leaves
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