Inspired by the crazy year that 2020 has been, Hong Kong illustrator Kitty Wong teamed up with experienced teacher and author Daniel Levia, play therapist Rachel Winston, to create a simple children book to help kids and parents deal with the traumatic impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The book was commissioned with the enormous support by Hong Kong Free Press. Download the FREE "Bobby Baboon and the Invisible Buggies" e-book and accompanying worksheets, in English or Traditional Chinese.

Bobby Baboon: HKFP launches free Covid-19 children’s story book in English and Chinese - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
2020 has been a traumatic and confusing year for the best of us, but the lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children is easily overlooked. As part of our public service mission, HKFP commissioned a bilingual, copyright-friendly children’s book to help youngsters in Hong Kong – and beyond – u…

The project noticed by Twitter Asia and featured by them for a Twitter Paneled conversation about children’s mental health with Mind HK.