Kitty N. Wong for Fossil's Valentine's Day Campaign.

The campaign was centered around unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day, featuring roses and other flowers that were painted on Fossil's leather goods for a gift of flowers that lasts much longer than a few weeks.

With a promotional video leading up to a live customization event for Fossil customers. Shoppers could choose from a set of playful floral designs to be painted on-site on their Fossil leather purchases that day.

Project also included two Instagram and Facebook posts from Kitty to promote the event to her readers.

Agency: On Air Collective
Rough pencil drafts, four designs were chosen as final art and painted on Fossil's signature leather 'Campbell' style crossover bags, displayed in stores and available for customers to choose from as an added customized painting service.
Rough pencil sketch of girly thumbnail drawings of roses and dogs
Rough sketch of leather painting designs of girly hearts flowers and roses on beige and black leather
Instagram screenshot of art flatlay of red rose painted on black leather fossil cross body handbag
Kitty stationed at Fossil's shop at Harbour City for the on-site customization day. Painting personalized bags for happy customers.
Hong Kong female artist Kitty Wong bending down to paint on a leather bag at a table in Fossil store in Harbour City Mall
Hong Kong female artist holding a painted leather bag at Fossil store activation event in Harbour City Mall
Hong Kong female illustrator talking with happy customer after painting on a leather bag at Fossil instore activation event
Photos courtesy of Fossil + On Air Collective.
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