Let's Go ้บตๅŒ…่ˆ–! Carbo-loading at the Hong Kong Bakery.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I always remember rushing downstairs before school to buy a freshly baked bao and munching it on my way to class, and then when I arrived in Toronto for university, I took all my classmates to Chinatown to introduce them to the wonders of the Chinese bakery!

So this artwork is my chance to also introduce you to all the delicacies of the Hong Kong Bakery. As a celebration of all my favourite treats, fresh out of the oven pineapple buns, cakes and treats, it's the stuff of wanderlusting foodie dreams.

This illustration was hand painted by me using gouache and then digitally coloured.

Available as signed prints in various sizes on my online shop. Prints available from small A4 size to large A2 size.
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