Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery: The Dim Sum Steam Off
Silver Winner of the Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2023.
Introducing the all new HONG KONG PUZZLE MYSTERY: The Dim Sum Steam Off.

Created as a collaboration between Humid with a Chance of Fishball, a Netflix featured food tour guide and award winning Hong Kong illustrator Kitty N. Wong.

Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery is not just a puzzle, but it's a jigsaw puzzle + mystery + scavenger hunt all wrapped up in one illustration all about Hong Kong.
香港拼圖之謎 - 點心風雲由香港插畫師 Kitty N. Wong設計及繪圖。
The colourful illustration was created to be busy and fun world, full of fun little characters, landmarks and animals players can find while they build the puzzle. Inspired by Wimmelbilderbuch and "Where's Waldo" type of artworks.

The Hong Kong elements include iconic images of Choi Hung Estates, The Peak tram, the Star Ferry and Lion Rock just to name a few.
The image of the puzzle is TOP SECRET. and the full illustration is not shown on the box, to increase the fun and difficulty of the puzzle.
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