Hong Kong has amazing bio-diversity that not everyone knows about! 40% of the city is dedicated to country parks and green spaces! And did you know Hong Kong actually has more coral species than the Caribbean Sea?! It’s true! So we create this mystery puzzle game as a homage to this side of Hong Kong that we love!
I researched and drew SO many fun animals while creating this illustration! Every single animal painted in the puzzle you can find in Hong Kong (or you could in the past, like wild tigers) some of my other favourites were the horseshoe crab, corals, the barking deer and of course the Lantau Island pink dolphins! I hide them all in the artwork.
From the rough pencil sketch to the final painting! This illustration is inspired by wimmelbilder and Finding Waldo type of artworks. It's jam-packed with details and winding narratives that guides your eye through Hong Kong's various islands and lets you discover the animals and stories in a fun yet thoughtful way. 

From the highest mountain peak in Tai Mo Shan, to the ocean beds full of coral and marine life, come discover Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery painted by me, illustrator Kitty N. Wong.
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