A large framed artwork displayed Inside the K11 mall in Tsim Sha Tsui

Photo Credit: Laura Laviani

An exhibition I created for K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, titled “The Taste of Summer Fashion”.
I was given creative freedom to transform the showcases dotted around the shopping center with my artwork, I created a series of fashion illustrations inspired by famous Hong Kong street foods. The finished artworks, including "Miss Egg Waffle", "Miss Fishball" and "Miss Peach Bun" were displayed in 10 giant frames on three floors inside the mall.

Drawings of 10 fashionable girls wearing outfits inspired by Hong Kong eggtarts, fishball and iced lemon tea
Hong Kong woman artist standing in front of her "Miss FishBall" artwork in a large frame inside K11 shopping Mall
Two blonde shoppers looking at artwork display inside K11 mall
Artist hand holding paint brush drawing girl with egg waffles on paper
Rough pencil sketch of Hong Kong food inspired fashion illustrations

Rough drafts of the designs

Newspaper clipping from Sing Pao and HK01 of from Hong Kong fashion illustrator exhibition

Select Press from Shing Pao Newspaper and HK01.

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