Drawing of a girl with top bun bathing in a bowl of rice noodle, in a blue and white porcelain Chinese bowl, with pink tile background.

Rice noodle fashion illustration.

Commissioned by Hong Kong Tatler to create "R for Rice Noodles".
What's your favourite toppings for rice noodles? That's the question Tatler Magazine asked Kitty. And this colourful illustration was her answer.
Featuring a girl bathing in a giant bowl of hor fun (flat rice noodles), she is surrouned by delicious toppings such as wontons, pork liver, fish cake and beef brisket. The background show off classic Hong Kong noodle shop decor with pink tiles and formica table tops.
Swimmer Stepahnie Au on cover of Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, inside is a fashion illustration
This illustration by fashion illustrator Kitty N. Wong featuring appeared on the January 2022 issue of Tatler Hong Kong. Alphabet City is a column in Hong Kong Tatler, each month they invite an artist to create a work that celebrates the best of Hong Kong, from A to Z. Past artist have included prominent Hong Kong artist such as Don Mak, Elaine Chiu, Rickubic and Wai Wai.
Take a behind the scenes video look at how Kitty created the illustration from inspiration, painting and the final published piece.
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