Hong Kong: Traffic
Sassy Little B' | Hong Kong Road Signs Illustration
Send Noods | Hong Kong Food Illustration
Xiaomi x Kitty N Wong - Fashion Illustration
A Moment in Island South - Hong Kong Illustration
Kiehl's x Kitty N. Wong
Hong Kong Diner - Food Illustration
Hong Kong Illustration | Cathay Pacific Anniversary
Tatler: R for Rice Noodles - Food Illustration
Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery: The Pangolin Panic
Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery - Hong Kong Illustration
Bev & Sam | Hong Kong Wedding Illustration
Add Oil - Old Hong Kong Fashion Illustration
Miss Star Ferry - Hong Kong Illustration
Elle Hong Kong | Travel Map Illustration
Miss Central Market - Hong Kong Illustration
Fashion Illustration | Miss Christmas
VT Cosmetics - Content Creation
Charbonnel Et Walker x Kitty Wong
Elements Mall - Advertising Illustration
Hong Kong Illustration | Miss Peach Bun
K11 Art Mall | Hong Kong Fashion Illustration
Hong Kong Fashion Illustration | Miss Fish Ball
Mid Autumn Hong Kong - Fashion Illustration
Jumbo Seafood - Hong Kong Illustration
Taylor R in Choi Hung | Hong Kong Illustration
Beer and Loathing: Cozy Mystery Illustrated Book Cover
Aerie - Hong Kong Olympics Portraits
Tiffany & Co. | Floral Portraits
Anita Mui - Fashion Portrait
Kapok Flowers | Floral Portraits
Christmas in Hong Kong | Fashion Illustration
Change Is Just Around the Corner | Quote Illustration
Bobby Baboon and the Invisible Buggies | Book
Cosmo x Kitty N. Wong
Mind Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bakery | Food Illustration
Today at Apple
Dior VIP Portrait | Fashion Illustration
Tiffany & Co. VIP Portrait | Fashion Illustration
Sloggi | KOL Seeding Campaign
Fossil x Kitty N. Wong | Leather Painting
Hong Kong Street Food | Food Illustration
Maybelline | Advertising Campaign Illustration
Doge Says No
A Box of Puppies
RiRi | Fashion Illustration
Chow Sang Sang | Greater China In Store Illustration
Classic Hollywood Colouring Book | Fashion Illustration
Everybody LABO
Cartier | Advertising Campaign Illustration
Dazed Digital | Fashion Comic
Art Basel
Pacific Place | Fashion Map Illustration
Lane Crawford | Hong Kong In Store Activation
NYC Wild Life for Lane Crawford
5 Days in Tokyo
Vincent Van Girl
Beauty Portraits
Bread Pitt
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